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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Review - T Taliese Fuaga

Photo: Sean Meagher/The Oregonian

Player Description

Name: Taliese Fuaga

School: Oregon State

Position: Right tackle

Class: Junior

Height: 6'6

Weight: 335 lbs

Draft Projection: Top 15 pick



  • Highly-experienced lineman (1,565 career snaps)

  • Tremendous athlete

  • High Football IQ

  • Ideal frame and length

  • Incredible mobility - short area and outside

  • Fluid hips which translate to smooth lateral movement

  • Excellent contact balance

  • Explosive out of his stance

  • Quick and active feet

  • High motor

  • Patient and disciplined in pass protection

  • Excellent awareness

  • Active, heavy hands that stuns defenders

  • Mauler mentality when run blocking

  • Scheme-versatile player



One of his few weaknesses in his blocking is his tendency to reach due to questionable footwork, leading to balance issues. Though Fuaga does a good job maintaining a low pad level, at times he will stand too upright out of his stance and lose leverage throughout. On inside counters, Fuaga has issues resetting and framing. The reason for this again stems from poor football and being overly aggressive in these situations.

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