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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Review - T Amarius Mims

Player Description

Name: Amarius Mims

School: Georgia

Position: Tackle

Class: Junior

Height: 6'7

Weight: 340 lbs

Draft Projection: Mid1st round - Early 2nd round



  • High-level athlete

  • Fluid movement skills

  • Possesses first-step explosiveness

  • Natural play strength

  • Uses his size and physicality effectively

  • Takes advantage of his superior length

  • Excellent open-field mobility - ideal for outside zone runs

  • Absorbs power and response quickly against opposing defenders

  • Give little to no ground on the edge

  • Quick feet and fluid hips in pass protection

  • Excellent hand placement skills - patient with his hands

  • Always looks to finish opposing defenders into the ground

  • Possesses position versatility (can play on the left or right side)



The first thing that stands out negatively about Mims is his lack of experience. In three years, Mims logged a total of eight starts and 731 snaps. To put this into perspective, his contemporary, Taliese Fuaga, out of Oregon State, played over 700 snaps this past season. Even with his tremendous skillset, this could affect his ability to recognize the nuances of opposing pass rushers at the next level.

Inside counters appear to be his kryptonite, despite his strong pass protection. This might be explained by his poor reaction time in these situations combined with his incapacity to reset his feet. Mims occasionally has a high pad level and a propensity to lean forward, which might throw him off balance.

The other concern is seen in his run blocking. Though he has great outside mobility, he lacks short-area quickness. Mims is somewhat slow in reaching the second level and takes questionable angles when engaging with defenders in run sequences.

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