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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Review - T JC Latham

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Player Description

Name: JC Latham

School: Alabama

Position: Right tackle

Class: Junior

Height: 6'6

Weight: 360 lbs

Draft Projection: Top 20 pick



  • Massive frame

  • Natural brute strength

  • Good athleticism for his size

  • Able to absorb initial power effectively

  • Overpowers opposing defenders in one-on-one battles

  • Impressive upper and lower body strength

  • Hand and active feet work in unison in pass protection

  • Great hip fluidity in pass protection

  • Able to establish a strong base and anchor

  • Utilizes proper pad level

  • Bends at the knees - good flexibility

  • Processes on coming pass rushers quickly

  • Uses his frame to open holes on inside runs

  • Good open-field mobility



For the most part, Latham is not overly explosive coming out of his stance. This was noticeable in Alabama's playoff game and against Michigan, and he was beaten often. In many of these instances, his initial kick step is a little far back, which puts him at a disadvantage against faster pass rushers.

Though his outside mobility is good, his short-area quickness is questionable. On inside runs, Latham is not always quick to climb the second level.

Latham's overall motor is a big area of concern. He has a tendency to give up on blocks prematurely instead of going until the whistle is blown. Latham needs to change this quickly, as it could result in getting his quarterback hurt at the next level.

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