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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Review - CB Terrion Arnold

Player Description

Name: Terrion Arnold

School: Alabama

Position: Cornerback

Class: Sophomore

Weight: 196 lbs

Draft Projection: Mid 1st round to Early 2nd round



  • High Football IQ

  • Elite-level athlete

  • High-level instincts

  • Exceptional ball skills

  • Good play strength

  • Physical during the stem and at the top of routes

  • Patient and methodical in his approach

  • Proficient tackler - excellent at supporting the run

  • Excellent closing speed

  • Possesses the short-area quickness to stay glued to receivers in man coverage

  • Uses quick jabs at the line without overcommitting

  • Fluid when changing direction

  • Processes route concepts quickly



Though Arnold has played on the outside, his questionable size and length would make him better suited for the slot. In man coverage, Arnold can be too reliant on his hands instead of his feet, which makes him susceptible to getting more penalties.

Arnold's habit of opening his hips too early makes him vulnerable to head fakes from opposing receivers. His over-aggressiveness in these cases is seen when he is playing off-man coverage, when flaws in his overall technique are exposed.

In zone coverage, Arnold has made much progress but needs considerable work in processing and anticipating crossing routes. In these cases, he needs to have more faith in his instincts and athleticism.

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