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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Review - LB Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

Photo: Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Player Description

Name: Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

School: Clemson

Position: Linebacker

Class: Junior

Height: 6'0

Weight: 228 lbs

Draft Projection: Mid Day 2 to Early Day 3



  • Rangy athlete

  • Strong, fundamental tackler

  • Excels in stopping the run

  • Physical with

  • Explosive downhill player

  • High football IQ

  • Effective inside blitzer

  • Moves extremely well in short areas

  • Good instincts and route recognition in zone coverage

  • Excellent tracking and ball skills in coverage

  • Good at avoiding blocks when blitzing

  • Plays with patience and anticipation



Trotter Jr.'s possesses minimal length, which is a major issue when taking on blockers, specifically against bigger linemen. His inability to disengage in these situations has made him susceptible to missing opportunities to make plays and has affected his ability to maintain gap integrity.

In man coverage, his lack of size has made him vulnerable in open space against bigger receivers. In this respect, his limited ability to change direction due to having tight hips makes him vulnerable against elusive running backs. Although his agility has improved, this area is still very much a weakness.

With questionable long-speed, Trotter Jr. is better suited for zone defense, where his instincts can flourish.

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