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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Review - LB Edgerrin Cooper

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Player Description

Name: Edgerrin Cooper

School: Texas A&M

Position: Linebacker

Class: Junior

Height: 6'2

Weight: 230 lbs

Draft Projection: Late Day 1 to Mid Day 2



  • Explosive athlete

  • Exceptional closing speed

  • Elite-level speed and quickness to make plays in the backfield

  • High-level acceleration and burst

  • Scheme versatile - able to play in multiple fronts

  • Quick and decisive at diagnosing run concepts

  • Good nose for the ball - excellent at tracking

  • Hard-hitting defender

  • High-motor player

  • Uses his length effectively to shed blocks

  • Excellent screen recognition

  • Efficient at moving laterally

  • Possesses a good arsenal of pass rush moves



Cooper's speed has one significant drawback, which is related to missed tackles. Cooper clearly struggles to maintain control over his speed and break down to make tackles in open space. He is open to manipulation by running backs because of this.

In coverage, Cooper has little experience in man coverage and has shown some issues with route recognition in zone. Cooper will need to grow in this aspect in order to be an effective linebacker at the next level.

Functional strength is a concern that he will need to address. Against opposing blockers, Cooper is susceptible to getting anchored due to questionable core strength. He tends to win these types of battles if he gets the jump on them, but he cannot solely rely on this when facing bigger linemen.

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