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2024 NFL Draft Prospect Review - CB Cam Hart

Updated: Feb 20

Photo: Rick Kimball /Irish Sports Daily

Player Description

Name: Cam Hart

School: Notre Dame

Position: Cornerback

Class: Senior

Height: 6'2

Weight: 204 lbs

Draft Projection: Late 1st round to early 3rd round



  • Durable - 1,882 career snaps with Notre Dame

  • Man/zone versatile corner

  • Excellent size and length for the position

  • High-level athleticism

  • Good footwork in man coverage

  • Highly instinctive in zone coverage

  • Fluid when transitioning from backpedal

  • Ideal top-end speed when covering receivers vertically

  • Crowds receivers on the outside

  • Great at staying in the hip-pocket of receivers

  • Physical at the top of routes

  • Great closing speed

  • Aggressive against the run - willing tackler

  • Improved ball skills downfield



Hart has made dramatic improvements since his junior year, but he is far from a finished product. One noticeable issue with Hart is his short area quickness in man coverage. This can be somewhat attributed to having long legs, but this is mainly due to issues reading receiver movements in these situations.

Though he is aggressive in man coverage, Hart is prone to grabbing while shadowing receivers vertically, which often leads to holding penalties. On outside releases, Hart is somewhat slow to process, making him vulnerable to getting beaten. Though there has been some improvement in this aspect, it is still an area that requires more work.

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