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What Does The Russell Wilson Move Mean For Kenny Pickett?

It was almost expected that Russell Wilson would be signed to a one-year, minimum vet contract.

The idea of signing an accomplished, veteran quarterback like Wilson was too good to pass up. With this noted, what does this move mean for third-year quarterback Kenny Pickett?

During this year's NFL Combine, general manager Omar Khan affirmed his belief in Pickett and the desire to build around him. Yet, the move to sign Wilson changes this narrative. True enough, Khan wanted "strong competition" around him, but this signing changes everything, as the likelihood of him beating out Wilson for the starting spot is slim.

If anything can be said, both hold certain notable similarities. For starters, Both of them had well-documented issues using the middle of the field, which happens to be a staple of new coordinator Arthur Smith's offense. Secondly, both registered similar air yards per pass attempt numbers last season: Wilson with 3.8 and Pickett with 3.7. Lastly, both carry similar habits of vacating the pocket instead of going through their respective progression reads, yet it is more problematic with Pickett. So, if we are looking at this solely from the standpoint of quarterback fundamentals, Both are equally flawed, with a slight advantage going to Wilson due to his output last season. 

What Wilson has over Pickett is his resume. Regardless of his shortcomings with the Denver Broncos, Wilson was one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in the last decade: nine Pro Bowl selections, Super Bowl champion, and Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year. All these accomplishments should play a factor in this competition. The one area that is disadvantageous for Wilson is his age, as he turns 36 in November. If his overall skills have diminished, this would bode well for Pickett in their competition. 

Do the Steelers still believe in Pickett? Though their words may say it, their actions tell a very different tale. Wilson being in the fold contradicts the idea of their belief in him. Though it is currently a one-year commitment, it is enough to let him know how the organization truly feels about him. 

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