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Pat Freiermuth's Long-Term Health Is A Priority

Since his rookie season in the NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Pat Freiermuth has evolved into one of the most reliable offensive players in the league. Since that period, Freiermuth has been plagued with various injuries, notably concussions.

In his rookie season, Freiermuth sustained two grade 1 concussions. This past season, he suffered the third concussion of his career in their Week 5 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Although there have been seemingly no long-term effects at this point, one has to be concerned about the longevity of his career after suffering three concussions in just two years. Considering the attention that it has garnered following the incident involving Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa last season, the organization will likely be monitoring him closely this season.

During OTAs in June, it was announced that Freiermuth had been dealing with an "undisclosed injury" that kept him from participating. This likely stems from the MCL sprain he sustained during the Steelers Week 17 win over the Browns. Luckily, Freiermuth avoided surgery and should be ready for training camp later this week.

As valuable as Freiermuth has proven to be for the Steelers offense, his overall health will determine his future as a football player. Considering the nature of the game,

Injury is inevitable; hence, it is important for Freiermuth and the team to make the modifications needed to ensure he has a long and prosperous career.


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