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Is Finding A "Significant Playmaker" Still Possible For the Steelers?

When Bryant McFadden tweeted more than a day ago, indicating that general manager Omar Khan was close to signing a "significant playmaker," the Steelers community was enthralled. Regretfully, not much has happened since the tweet was sent out.

Since the Diontae Johnson trade in March, the Steelers have been in dire need of a big-time playmaking receiver. Much speculation has swirled around the team acquiring San Francisco's star receiver, Brandon Aiyuk, prior to this year's NFL Draft. Yet, with Aiyuk's agent, Ryan Williams, shutting down any rumors of his departure, he is seemingly an unlikely option.

The name that surfaced in the past week or so was Courland Sutton, a receiver with the Denver Broncos. Like Aiyuk, there was chatter that Khan would talk to the Broncos to try to work out a trade for him during the draft. However, it was confirmed yesterday by Broncos reporter Mike Klis that Sutton remained a member of the organization and that there were no intentions to trade him.

Then you have Las Vegas Raiders receiver Devonte Adams, whom many, including Broncos reporter Benjamin Allbright, suggested on social media that he was the playmaker Khan was trying to sign. By all accounts, Adams hasn't expressed the desire to leave his current team. Antonio Pierce's official hiring as head coach should, if anything, encourage him to stay.


So the pending question is: where will the Steelers find their "significant playmaker"? 


Today, Allbright tweeted that the organization had spoken with the Seattle Seahawks about wide receiver D.K. Metcalf's availability. In all likelihood, the Seahawks would not be as willing to part with their star receiver, unless the Steelers were to present them an offer that is too good to refuse.

At this point, the team is seemingly running out of options when it comes to bringing in a playmaker who could take their offensive to the next level. The team still has time, but every day that goes by seems less and less likely that it will happen this season.

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