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Long-Time Steelers Head Athletic Trainer John Norwig Set To Retire

Pittsburgh Steelers head athletic trainer John Norwig is set to retire in June, per

"The Athletic" senior writer Mark Kaboly.

As a Penn State alum, prior to joining the Steelers organization in 1991, Norwig served as head athletic trainer at Vanderbilt from 1985 to 1991.

During his 32 years with the Steelers, Norwig was part of two Super Bowl teams and was widely considered one of the top athletic trainers in the NFL. Some of his accomplishments include winning NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year in 2015 and serving as president of the Professional Football Athletic Training Society (PFATS), which named him and his staff the Professional Football Athletic Training Staff of the Year in 2009.

According to Kaboly, Norwig will be replaced by former Kentucky head trainer and Duquesne graduate Gabe Amponsah.

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