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Fields Can Only Benefit Learning From Wilson

As it all unfolded, Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan has completely transformed the team's quarterback room into one that could become one of the best in the NFL.

Justin Fields and Russell Wilson have been associated with the Steelers for a significant portion of the offseason. The offensive now has a win-win scenario with both in the fold.

For Fields, the transition from starter to backup may not be ideal, yet the opportunity to learn from one of the most decorated quarterbacks in the last decade can only help him become the player who could someday take over as the team's franchise quarterback.

In contrast, both Wilson and Fields have similar styles that revolve around mobility. Last season, Fields registered 657 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. For him, it will be about refining his fundamentals as a passer. Though the last two years with the Denver Broncos were not ideal for Wilson, he still managed to record an average passer rating of 91.2. In general, Wilson's experiences in the NFL, good and bad, make him the right mentor for Fields. 

Considering he was the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, many may perceive the backup roll as a step backwards in his career. In actuality, the chance to learn some of the nuances of the game from Wilson should give him the missing pieces to become a productive and efficient passer, and help him realize his full potential as a player. 

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