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Draft Analysis: Lead Candidates To Become The Steelers' Next First-Round Pick

So, the NFL Draft is a little over three weeks away, and all of you are anxious to find out who the Steelers will be taking in the first round. Isn't that the case every draft season?

In this discussion, it is important to consider the likelihood that they may trade down in order to obtain additional picks. Yet the question that remains is who would they likely take in the first round?

Well, from following the list of prospect visits and meetings since January, I have noted that two prospects have managed to hit what I called the "pre-draft trifecta." The pre-draft trifecta comprises the following:

A formal interview at the Combine

✅ A Dinner meeting with head coach Mike Tomlin and/or gm Omar Khan

✅A top-30 visit at the facilities

As it stands, there are two prospects who have met this criteria. So without further ado, here is my list of candidates that the Steelers could select in the first round of this year's draft:


Tackle Amarius Mims, Georgia

Among all the draft prospects, no one has been linked to the Steelers more than Mims. Mims has the distinction of being the first player to hit the team's pre-draft trifecta. From what we have followed, he is the most likely candidate to be taken in the first round.

Cornerback Nate Wiggins, Clemson

What should not be disregarded is the possibility of the team taking a cornerback in the first round. This year's crop of defensive backs is talented, led by Wiggins, who is arguably at the head of the class. Wiggins is the second player to hit the Steelers' pre-draft trifecta.

Tackle Troy Fautanu, Washington

Though Fautanu has not yet attained the full pre-draft trifecta, the Steelers have been very interested in him since his showing at this year's Combine. They held a private meeting at his pro day; all that remains is a top-30 visit.


Other candidates: tackle Taliese Fuaga, center Jackson Powers-Johnson, and cornerback Terrion Arnold.

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