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Cowherd: Russell Wilson With The Steelers Roster "Wins A Bunch Of Games"

With much of the media discussion surrounding Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields and the Pittsburgh Steelers, another name that has surfaced as of late is Russell Wilson.

In a segment of "The Herd," FS1's flagship program, sports media celebrity Colin Cowherd explains why he thinks a quarterback such as Fields would not suit the Steelers.

Part of his reason stemmed from the potential issues that could arise with a quarterback with well-documented completion issues like Fields and the current group of receivers. He also made note of the Steelers propensity to spend primarily on defense as an issue for Fields, whom he believes needs refinement. In this, he presents the idea of veteran quarterback Russell Wilson being a much better fit than Fields.

"I don't have any doubt in my mind that Russell Wilson, with Pittsburgh's roster and defense, wins a bunch of games."

Fields would be more appropriate for a team with an offensive culture and an offensive head coach, as Cowherd pointed out. Furthermore, he elaborates how a "defensive-driven brand" like the Steelers might not be able to help develop Fields in the type of player that could elevate the team's offense.

Wilson's potential arrival would probably rely on how much of his money the Broncos are willing to take on. He would be a more attractive choice than Fields if the deal is fair and the organization has the cap room.

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