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Cory Trice Listed By Bleacher Report As A "Draft-Day Steal"

During this week's Steelers OTAs, the one name that was mentioned often was seventh-round rookie cornerback Cory Trice Jr.

In Bleacher Report's list of "NFL Rookies Who Already Look Like Draft-Day Steals", Trice made an appearance on this list.

In Thursday's OTA session, Trice Jr. accounted for an interception and three pass breakups. Per reports, Trice's playmaking abilities caught the eye of many of the veterans in attendance, most notably cornerback Levi Wallace, who praised him for his ability to make plays.

"For him to go back-to-back. He makes a good play, and I don't know if it was pass interference or not; I wasn't looking. But then he comes back and gets the interception"

At 6'3, 206 pounds, Trice Jr.'s ability to use his height and length is partly why he was among the Big Ten Conference leaders in pass breakups last season. Even though training camp has not officially started, his ball skills and playmaking abilities should make him an intriguing player for fans to follow.

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