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Why Clemson Fans Should Feel Optimistic After Losing The National Championship

Updated: Feb 10, 2020


So Clemson fans.

If you are reading this, it probably means you are still feeling the unfortunate aftereffects of watching your team lose in the National Championship to LSU. Despite the feelings of disappointment and despair, you might be feeling, there is much reason for hope. If anything can be said, this loss may end up being the best thing to happen for your team. So for the benefit of the Clemson fans reading this, allow us to give the reasons why you should feel great about your team going forward.

Trevor Lawrence Is Only Going To Get Better

Ask yourselves, how many quarterbacks in the history of college football, have played in the National Championship game in their first two collegiate years? We can name one, his name is Trevor Lawrence. This past season, Lawrence finished the season 10th in passing yards (3,665), 5th in passing touchdowns (36), with a completion percentage over 65%. What is notable is the fact that he improved in almost each category from his championship season in 2018. One thing that game taught us is that Lawrence is still very young and has much room to grow. Considering the fact that his loss to LSU was the first loss as Clemson's starting quarterback, this experience will only fuel him to evolve into a greater player, which scary to even think about.

Clemson's Incredible Recruiting Class

No team in college football had more success recruiting this off-season than Clemson. As a sample, not only did they sign the No. 1 overall prep player in the nation, defensive tackle Bryan Breese; also signed the number No. 3 overall prep player in defensive end Myles Murphy. In addition to these two elite-level talents, they also signed the nation's No. 1 quarterback prospect in Dj Uiagalelei. Of the Clemson's 23 committed players, six of them were 5-star recruits, all likely to start at some point and become impact players as early as this upcoming season. Trust us Clemson fans, the future looks very bright going forward.

The Dabo Sweeney Factor

One of the many things Dabo Swinney has mastered, is manufacturing different ways of motivating his team. This past season, the theme of the underdog was in full effect, and his Clemson team bought into the idea that no one respected them, all the way to the National Championship. With this in mind, what better motivation can Swinney have than redemption from this embarrassing loss to LSU? No doubt, Swinney is probably looking for a creative team as we speak. Whatever he decides, his players will likely eat it up and use it as fuel for the entire season.

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