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Week 9 Steelers Vs Bears Postgame Commentary: A Stressful Event

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Epes

Perhaps you have heard me say this before; just in case you have not, I will say it again. Watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play is a stressful event, one that is not for the faint of heart.

Let us start with receiver/kick returner Ray Ray McCloud's fumble in the fourth quarter that led to a Bears touchdown. Prior to that moment, linebacker TJ Watt recorded his third sack of the game, and the team seemed to be in control, then the fumble happened. It seems to be a common theme with this team, in control one minute, then they self-destruct in unusual ways.

Yet, McCloud's blunder was not the biggest area of concern; it was the offensive unit, which played one of their worst games in recent memory. In the first half, everything was clicking. The offensive line was cohesive, the ground game was gaining meaningful yards, and Ben Roethlisberger was making big completions. By the time the second half began, all of that began to collapse, and the offense could make plays when it counted; meanwhile, rookie quarterback Justin Fields was spectacular, making plays with his mobility and throws. If is was not for that drive to win the game, it would have been a complete disaster in the second half.

On the defensive side, if one were to take away the sacks, the Steelers secondary was badly exposed. Whether it was Terrell Edmunds or Arthur Maulet, there were breakdowns galore, which led to touchdowns by the Bears in the fourth quarter. One could say this is a result of bad coaching, as the Bears offense exploited bad matchups. All in all, it is as much an issue as the lack of consistency with the offensive unit.

At the end of it all, kicker Chris Boswell came in with a clutch field goal to win the game. This one, like the one last week, continues to test our patience and belief in this team. The only thing to expect from this team is that nothing will ever come easy. Perhaps this is why we cannot help but watch them each week. The hope of this group becoming one cohesive unit is what keeps us going.

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