Week 8 Steelers vs Dolphins Postgame Commentary: A Tale Of Two Teams

Photo: Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers

Perhaps the question that comes to mind after watching this game is, what did we just witness?

Well, let us review what happened. The first quarter of their contest against the Miami Dolphins, was arguably their worst in recent memory. The offense was virtually anemic; poor quarterback play by Mason Rudolph, receivers unable to make plays, and an inconsistent ground attack. Sprinkle in the fact that the defensive unit was making Ryan Fitzpatrick seem like an elite-level quarterback. Everything about that first quarter had all the makings of a colossal disaster. Many of us believed that a team considered by many as one of the worst in the NFL history, was about to get their first win of the season.

Then came the second quarter, and of a sudden, things started coming together bit by bit;

an interception by Minkah Fitzpatrick, a 45-yards touchdown by rookie Dante Johnson. By the third quarter, it became clear that the Steelers was going to pull through, and they did so starting with the James Conner's touchdown. On the defensive side, the sleeping giants had awoken, forcing turnovers and putting pressure in the backfield. Four teams that were teetering on the brink of disaster, they somehow found a way to persevere.

The dichotomy of their performance in first half and the second half , is very much reflective of how this team has performed all season. Every so often, we get shades of dominance as shown with their defensive unit and their ability to get turnovers at will. Yet, we also get a team that is sometimes lost and looking for an identity. This contrast is as intriguing as it is frustrating to watch, yet the fanbase's devotion to watching this team succeed remains strong.

At 3-4, the Steelers are in a position many would not though, would not be possible; that being the ability to create their own destiny. If the Steelers are looking to become a playoff team, they need to become aware of their weaknesses, and correct them as a unit.

With every passing game, the margin of error becomes smaller, while the need for consistency becomes greater. In franchise-defining season, hopefully the chapter written at the end is a triumphant one.

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