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Week 8 Steelers vs. Browns Postgame Commentary: A Gutsy Win

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Epes

Just imagine this. You are in the second quarter of a game, and your team loses its kicker. Just think about it, you are in hostile territory, playing a game in which the officiating is questionable and every point counts.

Losing kicker Chris Boswell put the Pittsburgh Steelers at a serious disadvantage, as they had no backup kicker. Even if they scored, they would have to find a way to compensate for his absence. Inevitably, the Steelers left many points on the board, but somehow found a way to overcome a bevy of obstacles, and escape with arguably their biggest win of the season.

Here is the reality about this year's team. The games are never going to be easy and will likely be ugly. I remember this week listening the host of 'The Herd', Colin Cowherd, refer to the Steelers offense as "ugly". For this reason, and others, he felt justified taking the Cleveland Browns to win in impressive fashion. One cannot blame Cowherd and other analysts for having such an opinion, as this team is a continuous work in progress offensively and defensively.

Perhaps in many ways, this team is a reflection of their head coach, Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has never had a losing season in the NFL, yet has taken as much criticism for his manner of coaching as anyone in the league. The Steelers approached this game in the same manner Tomlin handled questions regarding the possibility of leaving the team to coach college football; a confident and absolute response

From this point onwards, the challenges and stakes will only be greater for this team. As long as they have Tomlin at the helm and a belief within themselves, they will continue to defy the odd and continue to be successful.

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