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Week 7 Steelers Postgame Commentary - Definition Is This?

There are moments in life when we don't have the right words to describe someone or something. As much as we try to understand it, we eventually realize that it is beyond our reasoning to define.

In many ways, this applies to the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers after seven weeks. At first glance, you look at the record (2–5) and immediately jump to the conclusion that they are simply a bad team. Perhaps one has every right to make this assertion, especially after watching the first quarter of their contest against the Miami Dolphins.

Then, during the course of the game, they completely switch, and they look like a viable team. The defense, which at first seemed destined to be completely exposed by Tua Tagovailoa and his many weapons on offense, neutralized them completely and relegated them to just six points for the remainder of the game.

On offense, rookie Kenny Pickett eventually pushed the ball downfield and put together an impressive touchdown drive and played like a seasoned veteran (minus the three interceptions, of course). It had all of us believing that this team was capable of anything. The only problem is that, on the other side of that "anything" is disappointment, which is what eventually happened. This has been the process Steelers fans have had to endure this season, and I speak for many when I say that it is an emotionally draining one.

So, I return to the question I asked at the beginning: who are the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers? Frankly, I do not have the answer. One thing that can be said, though, is that this team lacks a true definition, which may explain why none of us have this answer. Until this team can truly find who they are, they will have a hard time finding success, and they will continue to be an enigma to all of us.

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