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Week 6 Steelers Postgame Commentary - Second Chances

In life, we all deserve a second chance. I believe the question one has to ask is, if given that opportunity, what will you do with it?

This game featured two players shunned, scrutinized, and forgotten by many in the Steelers fanbase. On Sunday, however, they reminded everyone just how valuable they were in their huge win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The people in question were quarterback Mitch Trubisky and receiver Chase Claypool.

Simply put, had it not been for the heroics of these two, the Steelers would have lost that game in heartbreaking fashion. Despite playing different positions, they seemed like mere afterthoughts coming into this game.

In the case of Chase Claypool, he had been overshadowed by rookie George Pickens since training camp. Pickens deservedly garnered attention for his athletic feats and spectacular catches. In many ways, he has been the face of the Steelers offense, alongside rookie Kenny Pickett. Speaking of Pickett, his performance against the Jets had many believing that Trubisky was the problem all along. Coming into this game, many expected both Pickett and Pickens to shine regardless of the result. Instead, it was Trubisky and Claypool who carried the offense on their backs in the second half and led them to an improbable victory.

Personally, my perception of Trubisky has dramatically changed after this game. For Claypool, I have always believed in his potential and I believe he will help diversify the offense in a way that will give headaches to opposing defense. In the case of Trubisky, one should not be surprised if he retakes the mantel of starting quarterback again.

When you think of it, he was right when he told us a few weeks ago that the offense was heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, we were all impatient and looking for reasons to justify why Pickett should be the starter. Frankly speaking, the Steelers have two starter-quality quarterbacks on their roster, each of whom has their own unique value that we should all appreciate going forward.

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