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Week 5 Steelers Postgame Commentary - Is This Rock Bottom?

Photo: Bill Wippert

When you reach rock bottom in life, it is not just something that you can see or that is tangible; rather, it is a feeling that overwhelms your whole being.

Personally, this particular game represents the lowest point in the Mike Tomlin era. That low point was confirmed after the very first play of the game, a 98-yard touchdown in which two Steelers defensive backs failed their assignments and were completely embarrassed in the process. If you were a fan watching, you knew what the outcome was going to be, yet you were likely hoping your instincts were wrong.

The best part of that game was quarterback Kenny Pickett, who, as a rookie, showed more heart and determination than everyone on the team put together. If there is one thing this organization did right, it was selecting him in this year's NFL Draft. When you look at the offense as a whole, however, it is becoming apparent that the one thing holding them back is the playcalling, namely, offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Beforehand, we all blamed Mitch Trubisky for the team's lack of offense. But when a rookie quarterback registers over 300 passing yards and no touchdowns to show for it, this is indicative of a bigger issue.

The defense to say the least, is a disaster, the type of disaster that not even TJ Watt can fix. If you ask me, this defense exhausted their full potential in their first game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals. Honestly, if one was able to foresee the disaster that was ahead after that game, it would have been better if they had lost. As incredible as they were in that game, they fell in ways that I have never seen before. People can say it is due to a lack of talent or depth.

In my humble opinion, it is a matter of players being unable to execute at a reasonable level and questionable coaching. Whatever the problems are on offense, they pale in comparison to what is happening on defense.

Here is the silver lining to all this. Perhaps a losing season is not a bad thing. If you note the common denominator of all the teams prospering right now, it is that they have all

experienced one or multiple losing seasons. If hitting rock bottom positions this team for a high draft pick, then they are definitely on the right path to doing so.

In essence, this type of game should force the entire organization to scrutinize the following aspects: what works, what does, what needs to be changed, and what sacrifices need to be made for that change to yield positive results. These, in my opinion, are prerequisites for success in everyday life, let alone in sports. So, if this loss ends up becoming a major turning point, then the struggle to get these will be worth it.

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