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Week 2 Steelers Postgame Commentary - The Quarterback Conundrum

Let me begin by asking you Steelers fans. Do you like what you see on offense so far? Do you believe this offense is going to win meaningful games with Mitch Trubisky at the helm?

This is a question that is confusing to many because it is hard to decipher what type of quarterback Trubisky really is. At the same time, we had a slew of frustrating events that made many fans want rookie Kenny Pickett to take his place.

Firstly, let's dive deeper into the sacks he took. One could say that much of this is the fault of the offensive line (at least on one of them). Yet, if you look at those sacks with an objective eye, they had little to do with the offensive line. Poise in the pocket is a prerequisite for productive quarterbacks. It is becoming apparent that Trubisky has a hard time when he's been pressured; even if it is a secure pressure, he has the tendency to try to leave the pocket, instead of stepping up and making a throw. In essence, the sacks he took were indicative of a player that is not always comfortable in the pocket.

On the other end of the spectrum, there was Trubisky's impressive touchdown drive late in the third quarter. This version was the one that we saw in the preseason, executing that impressive touchdown drive against the Detroit Lions. Just this sequence alone made me second guess my desire to see Pickett in the game. Then, the rest of the game happened, and my feelings about having Pickett in the game resurfaced.

As a fanbase, we have grown accustomed to blaming the offensive line at every turn. Surely, they are still a work in progress, but in this game, they made huge strides in opening up holes for the run while trying to give time for Trubisky to go through his reads in the pocket. At some point, we need to look elsewhere to determine why this unit is so stagnant. Yes, the offensive playcalling is a factor, but at the end of the day, it is the job of the quarterback to execute what is given to him, he or anyone else thinks.

What I know is that for this team to be successful, they need a leader that is fearless and willing to do what it takes to win, as Ben Roethlisberger did for so many years. Personally, I am open to whomever is able to do so, whether it is Trubisky, Pickett, or even Mason Rudolph. In my opinion, this is an offense with tons of potential. With the right quarterback, it can be unleashed in a way that makes them one of the best units in the league.

As the season goes on, I believe we will all figure out who is the right quarterback for this team. Until then, this year's Steelers team may be in for a long and challenging season. Frankly, I would like to believe otherwise.

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