Week 15 Steelers vs. Titans Postgame Commentary: The Pain Of Watching The Steelers Offense

Photo credit: Caitlyn Epes

At this point, the problems with the Steelers' offense have become like a broken record, repetitive.

During the game, former NFL offensive lineman and radio host Geoff Schwartz posted the truest statement about this team's offense; "It’s painful to watch the Steelers play offense." In just one sentence, Schwartz encapsulated the feelings of an entire fanbase.

In essence, what has held this team back from true success has been this team's inability to produce consistent offense in a game. Granted, they showed signs of potential in their losses to both the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Chargers. Yet, this potential seemed to materialize in the second half of these games when they were trying to overcome a large deficit. For this team to be taken seriously, they need to be productive right from the first quarter.

So how can this year's Steelers team fix these issues for their remaining games? The honest answer is: nothing. Yes, nothing. Firstly, the offensive line is unlikely to block any better than it has this season. This result was inevitable when we are talking about a unit that has two rookies and a group of individuals who have rarely played together.

Secondly, offensive coordinator Matt Canada's play calling is predictable and rudimentary, in all likelihood, for the sake of accommodating a quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger, who has limited mobility. In many ways, the manner in which it is structured is very much like former coordinator Randy Fichtner's offense, minus the jet sweeps.

Make no mistake about it, this win against the Tennessee Titans had nothing to do with the offense; this was won on the back of a defensive unit that has been resilient all season. Next week, it gets real, as they face one of the most potent offensive units in the NFL, featuring Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, despite a slight regression this season. If they have any hope of beating this team, they are going to have to evolve quickly on offense, or they could be in for a long day.

In as much as it still holds true that championships are won on defense, in today's NFL, it is just not enough. For this year's Steelers team, they are going to need their best offensive showing yet if they want a chance to further their playoff hopes.

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