Week 15: Steelers vs. Bengals Postgame Commentary - Is This The End?

Maddie Schroeder/Pittsburgh Steelers

Perhaps it is not far fetched to assess that Ben Roethlisberger predicted his own demise in his postgame interview, after his week 14 loss to the Buffalo Bills. At some point, father time will be coming to collect and perhaps that time is very soon.

As human beings, one of the hardest challenges in life is knowing when it is time to let go. Even when all signs indicate to face this unfortunate reality, sometimes our pride does not allow us accept the harsh truth of a situation.

This reality does not solely apply to Roethlisberger, this fanbase is also in the same boat.

Think back to February, when you saw that clip of him throwing the football after undergoing a serious elbow procedures. Many of of us saw that clip and believed that not only would he be back, but he would be a great form of self. The problem is, many of us did not anticipate how much was taken away from him as a result of this procedure. Compound this with the fact that he very much past his prime, the resultant is what we have seen from him in the last three weeks.

Here are the harsh realities we need to accept with Roethlisberger. From a physical standpoint, his arm strength continues to diminish with each passing game. From a psychological standpoint, the confidence that once defined him, is fading with each mishap.

By all observations, the last three weeks have tested his football mortality, which beckons the question; are we watching his decline right before our very eyes?

For what it is worth, Roethlisberger is the greatest quarterback in Pittsburgh Steelers history. From the time he took over from Tommy Maddox in 2004, he made an instant impact on the team. From all the hits, all the highs and low he has endure these many years, he has been one of the few constants of the organization.

Instead of reliving what we saw against the Cincinnati Bengals, as fans, we should appreciate the time Roethlisberger may have left. When it comes to finding franchise quarterbacks that have lasted as long as Roethlisberger is rare. Even it is the end, we should feel honored that we were able to watch the lifecycle of his career.

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