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Week 12 Steelers Postgame Repost: Social Media Reaction

After a strong first half and a brief meltdown in the third quarter, running back Benny Snell Jr.'s touchdown and the ensuing 2-point conversion helped lift the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 24-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

At 4-8, the Steelers have a long way to go if they hope to make an improbable playoff run, yet it was a well-needed win after they collapsed the previous week in the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Even with this win, there are still concerns with both the defense and special teams, which surrendered an 89-yard kick return at the beginning of the third quarter. On a positive note, the Steelers continued their strong rushing performance, as they accounted for 172 rushing yards and 11 rushing first downs.

As one would expect, Steelers social media was cautiously optimistic after this win.


Steelers Win


Pickett To Pickens


Benny Snell Jr.

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