Week 11: Steelers vs Jaguars Postgame Commentary - Top Performers

Photo: Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers improved their record to 10-0, after a convincing 27-3 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Part of what has made the Steelers so successful this season, is how each week, a player that may have been forgotten, raises their level of play and contributes in a big way. Despite being undefeated, this team is not perfect by any means. Yet, with each game they play, the team collectively becomes mentally and physically stronger than they were the previous week.

Here are the four Steelers, who stood out the most against Jacksonville.

Safety Terrell Edmunds

Was this Terrell Edmunds' breakout game?

For much of the season, Edmunds has proven to be one of the most improved players on the Steelers roster. One of this well-documented weaknesses since his rookie season has been in pass coverage. This season however, Edmunds has dramatically improved his ability to read defenses, shadow opposing receivers and make splash plays. The two interceptions he registered today, served a reflection of the improvements he has made this year paying dividends.

Defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt

If there is one thing that holds true about Stephon Tuitt, when he's healthy, is as close

to an unstoppable force as they come. When it came to the battle in the trenches,

the Jacksonville offensive line had little answers on how to stop him. In addition to getting pressure in the backfield, he accounted for sack and a pass deflection that almost led to an interception. Simply put, when Tuitt is playing, the Steelers defense nearly impossible to beat.

Receiver Diontae Johnson

It is amazing how one of the smallest players on the field, could have the greatest impact .Last week against the Cincinnati Bengals, he registered 100 receiving yards before halftime; against Jacksonville, he came close to accomplishing the same feat. As the game wore on, it was clear that Johnson was Ben Roethlisberger's favorite target and with good reason; he continued making plays. He finished the game with 111 receiving yards on 12 receptions. His creativity and route running abilities are as proficient as any receiver in the NFL.

Edge Rushers Bud Dupree And TJ Watt

Firstly, name a better pass rushing duo? When it comes to affecting the outcome of games,

no duo has done it more than these two. For Dupree, he gave Jacksonville quarterback Jake Luton virtually no time to get comfortable in the pocket. Watt was equally as dominant for the edge registering several quarterback hits and making plays in the backfield. Though their game stats did not fully reflect their dominance in this game, Watt and Dupree each played a tremendous role in their victory.

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