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Washington Listed As One Of The Most Impactful Rookie Tight Ends For 2023

Photo: Karl Roser/ Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie tight end Darnell Washington has yet to play a down in the NFL, but his production potential is being recognized by CBS Sports NFL analyst Chris Trapasso.

In his latest ranking of the top five rookie tight ends by potential production in 2023, Washington was listed at No. 5, noting his size and physicality as the main reasons why he believes in Washington's ability to naturally make plays in open space.

"He's a moose at nearly 6-foot-7 and 265 pounds -- with room to grow -- and elects to run through tacklers more often than dodging them in the open field."

Trapasso also highlights his wingspan and catch radius, which were on full display at this year's NFL Combine. This aspect should enable quarterback Kenny Pickett to throw the ball anywhere in his vicinity.

"Also, with a wingspan in the 98th percentile at the position among combine participants since 1999, throw it anywhere in Washington's zip code and he's coming down with the football. Those 11-inch mitts come in handy in that regard too."

During OTAs in May, Washington made quite the impression with his physical abilities; whether they translate into production on the field remains to be seen, as this year's training camp is less than a month away.


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