Time Has Become David DeCastro's Biggest Obstacle.

Stability in the football context, is a term that is often used to describe a player with a proven track record of reliability and availability at their position.

There have been few offensive linemen in the last decade, that has exemplified stability as Pittsburgh Steelers guard, David DeCastro. Since suffering a season-ending ACL injury in his rookie season, DeCasto has played in featured in 123 career games, with 122 starts. Four times in career, he would play in all 16 games and play in each offensive snap.

DeCastro's ability to play with a desired combination of physicality and finesse, has earned him several Pro Bowl and All-Pro accolades during his career, including this season. Yet, as the case with any player, DeCastro has seemingly reached that point where time and injures have impeded him from producing at a high-level.

In 2020, DeCastro has reached the crossroad in his career. Injuries during training camp, resulted in him missing the first two games of the season, and though he has played in each game since week 7 against the Tennessee Titans, there has been a visible drop off in his ability to perform at a high level, despite not surrendering a sack this season.

Years of grinding in the trenches may slowly be taking its toll, as DeCastro's Superbowl window begins to close. Even if his time with the Steelers inevitably comes to an end, the standards he has set during his tenure, is one that future linemen should aspire to attain.

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