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The Value Of Chuks Okorafor Cannot Be Understated

Whether he is playing at left or right tackle, there are few offensive linemen on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster with Chuks Okorafor's versatility.

Okorafor was drafted in the third round out of Western Michigan in 2018, and he saw action in 13 games his rookie year before dropping to just one game the following season.

Since the 2020 season, Okorafor has started in 30 games and has played a total of 2,114 offensive snaps. Last season, he played a career high of 1,079 offensive snaps. During that period, he allowed only two sacks and finished the season with an overall Pro Football Focus of 63.6. His pass blocking efficiency of 98.1 tied him for fifth among starting offensive tackles in the NFL.

Entering his fifth season, Okorafor is, oddly enough, the veteran of a young offensive line. Though they have had their struggles the last two seasons, Okorafor is seemingly the only constant, as his availability has made him arguably the most reliable lineman of the group. It was only fitting to award him with a three-year contract extension.

With new additions to the offensive line, Okorfor's veteran presence will be instrumental during the course of the season. As he continues to improve and evolve, his value to the entire offense should only grow exponentially.

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