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Steelers Regain A Playoff Spot After Colts and Texans Losses

At this point, the Pittsburgh Steelers could use any good fortune they could get after losing consecutive games to sub-500 teams.

Prior to Sunday, the Steelers were out of a playoff spot. After both the Baltimore Colts and Houston Texans lost their games this afternoon, the Steelers are back in a playoff spot as a sixth seed.

The Colts fell to the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 34-14. Both teams currently have a 7-6 record, with the Bengals collecting back-to-back wins since their loss to the Steelers in Week 12. 

As for the Texans, they lost their game to the New York Jets by a score of 30-6. The biggest concern for them is the status of quarterback CJ Stroud, who left the game late in the fourth quarter and is in concussion protocol.

The Steelers face the Colts this coming Saturday in a game that could decide their playoff fate, considering they have only three games remaining after next week.

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