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Steelers Playoff Preview- Porter Jr. Should Have A Tough Test Against Diggs

In his rookie season, Joey Porter Jr. made a reputation for shutting down some of the NFL's top receivers.

Porter Jr. established himself as one of the top cover corners in his draft class after graduating from Penn State. Porter Jr. was not your typical rookie cornerback, as opposing receivers soon discovered.

The numbers Porter Jr. posted this season speak for themselves: a completion percentage allowed of 49.2, a 72.4 passer rating allowed, while surrendering just one touchdown catch.

However, the postseason has a whole different atmosphere; some people falter when the stakes are higher. Porter Jr. faces the difficult task of overcoming the possibility of missing the playoffs while facing Buffalo Bills receiver Stephon Diggs.

Interestingly enough, Porter Jr. and Diggs are somewhat familiar with each other. In their preseason matchup, Porter Jr. took on the assignment of covering Diggs, in which he allowed just one reception. That was in August. Diggs finished the regular season with 107 receptions for 1,183 yards and eight touchdown. Porter Jr. should expect to expect a much tougher version of the man he faced several months ago.

For Porter Jr., the chance of performing at the playoff stage is an opportunity few receive in their rookie season. Even if he does not see any matchups against Diggs, he will certainly have the chance to test his skills against one of the tougher teams in the AFC. Knowing Porter Jr., it is a challenge that he should be more than willing to accept.

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