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Steelers Offense Is Building Their Identity On The Ground

There was a noticeable theme to the Steelers' offense against the Atlanta Falcons, a theme that has been building since their Week 10 win against the New Orleans Saints.

In their win over the Falcons, the Steelers' run offense accumulated 154 rushing yards, which featured a committee of different rushers, featuring Najee Harris, who led the way with 81 yards.

Their success on the ground has translated to a dramatic increase in time of possession over the last few games. Coming into their Week 12 contest against the Falcons, the Steelers were ranked 10th in time of possession. Against the Falcons, they accumulated 32.56 minutes of possession.

At the root of their success has been the performance of their offensive line, which is currently ranked 22nd in run block win rate, according to ESPN analytics. The left side of the offensive line, featuring tackle Dan Moore Jr. and guard Kevin Dotson, has been instrumental in creating space for the run offense to thrive. In their Week 10 win against the Saints, Moore Jr. posted an impressive 91.3 run-blocking grade. Dotson, this season, has been thriving as a run blocker in a similar way he did during his collegiate days at Louisiana.

By all appearances, offensive line coach Pat Meyer has been one of the best additions to the Steelers' coaching staff in recent memory. His tutelage has seemingly helped take a struggling unit and turn it into one that has improved exponentially.

As the group continues to grow and develop, their success upfront has benefited each player that carries the ball. Their gritty, old-school style of running the football was an identity that once defined the Steelers, which was lost over the last few seasons but resurrected at the right time.

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