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Steelers Film Room: Isaac Seumalo Impresses Against The Bills

When Steelers general manager Omar Khan brought veteran Isaac Seumalo to the fold, they acquired a hard-nosed, technically sound offensive lineman that could help elevate the Steelers' run and pass offense.

On Saturday against the Buffalo Bills, Seumalo played just seven snaps. Yet in those few snaps, he showed why he should be a tremendous asset to an offense that continues to evolve with each snap.


Climbing The Second Level

If one were to rewind Jaylen Warren's touchdown run, one should appreciate the blocking upfront. In the case of Seumalo, he made a key block that helped open the gap for Warren to run through.

In this sequence, the Steelers are showing an 11-personnel package with two receivers stacked on the left side. Once Calvin Austin III goes in motion, the ball is snapped and handed to Warren. Seumalo, in this case, does two important things. Firstly, he lightly chips the Buffalo defensive lineman to support tackle Dan Moore Jr. Then he climbs the second level,picks up the inside linebacker, and seals him just enough to give Warren room to run. Simply put, if Seumalo had not made that block, that touchdown would not have materialized the way it did.


Semualo In Pass Protection

In the sequence prior to Warren's touchdown run, the Steelers offense is showing a spread formation in an 11-personnel package; Seumalo himself is positioned as the left guard.

When evaluating Seumalo's technique, it is the small details that make him effective in pass protection. To begin, he has a strong kick out of his stance, but notice that he maintains a low pad level. With his pad level low, he is able to establish a strong base, allowing him to anchor the opposing Bills defensive lineman effectively. When he tries to make a move inside, Seumalo makes the right adjustment, giving him no room.


In just a few snaps, Seumalo showed why he is the right choice to start at left guard. What makes him good at what he does are the small details that make him effective in both pass-pro and run blocking. If the Steelers are looking to make big moves on offense this season, it begins upfront. Based on what Seumalo has shown this offseason, Kenny Pickett should have the stability on the left side he needs to be successful.

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