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Steelers Are In Desperation Mode After Yesterday's Loss

101 yards of penalties and a poor showing on both sides of the ball. The Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Indianapolis Colts was not just any other loss; it seemed like a team that hit rock bottom.

Perhaps the biggest concern is that there are seemingly no answers to how a team that was once 7-4 is now in last place in their conference and outside of the playoff picture.

Head coach Mike Tomlin offered no excuses for his team's performance in his postgame interview yesterday; rather, he took the burden of blame for squandering a 13-0 lead and allowing 30 unanswered points.

"We're a fundamentally poor football group right now; we're playing losing football. I take responsibility for that."

With this reality acknowledged, he also eluded to making major changes ahead as they look for answers. At this point, Tomlin is open to anything that could help steer his team in the right direction.

"Everything's on the table at this juncture. We can't play football like that."

This is not the first time Tomlin has noted the need for changes. After their Week 4 loss to the Houston Texans, he promised to make major changes. In essence, they were small ones at the time, but it did result in a win against the Baltimore Ravens the following week.

Things are far different from what they were at that time. With this team limping into their last games of the season, there is much more at stake for Tomlin than just the playoffs.

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