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Samuel Cosmi - Anchor Of The Longhorns Offensive Line

Not all offensive linemen are made the same, and few are made like Samuel Cosmi.

Much of the success this upcoming season for the Texas Longhorns, will be in the hands of senior quarterback Sam Ehlinger. To maximize his talents, the Longhorns offensive line will need to be at their very best; Cosmi on the hand, needs to be even greater.

It is no coincidence that the Longhorns offense has risen to heights not seen in years, since his debut in 2018. In addition to scoring an average of over 446 points each season, they have averaged over 33 points per game. His element has allowed Ehlinger to increase his efficiency in each season since that time.

From a physical standpoint, adding weight to his already large frame was never an obstacle for Cosmi upon his arrival in 2017, as the focus on adding functional weight has been key to his success; the type of success that translated to an honorable mention for the Big 12 Offensive player of the Year, and earning freshman All-American status.

“The weight I got to wasn’t because I just shoved a bunch of crap down my throat,” Cosmi said prior to last season.

With an emphasis on maintaining his mobility, Cosmi crafted his nutrition and workouts in such a manner that would allow him to do so, while adding well-needed strength.

Last season, when it was announced that Cosmi would move from right to left tackle, not only did he adjust successfully, he excelled, as the Longhorns produced even greater offensive numbers from his redshirt freshman year. In addition to once again receiving honorable Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year honors, he also earned second-team All-Big 12 honors.

Cosmi is no longer a well-kept secret to the Big 12 Conference or the nation in that matter. As arguably the top offensive lineman in the nation, his personal goals and the ones of his Longhorns must align if they want to achieve greater success this upcoming season. If one of those goals include a Big 12 title, he will certainly play his part in making this happen.

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