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Opinion - The Steelers Offense Can Work If The Players Are Willing

So, around this time a few months ago, you may have been one of those fans urging to have Matt Canada fired, assuming he was the root of the Steelers woes on offense.

The question is, since his departure, how do you feel about the offense today?

Let's put this into perspective. Four touchdowns have been scored by the Steelers since Canada left the building, and one of those came during garbage time during the team's Week 13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. In addition, they exceeded 400 yards in total only once (in Week 12), and Mitch Trubisky, the backup, had more touchdown passes during this span than Kenny Pickett, the starter.

So I ask the question again: How do you feel about this offense?

Well, considering the fact that this team is still incapable of mustering 20 points in a game, it should have you very frustrated, especially after most of us believed that they were on the road to offensive prosperity following their win against the Cincinnati Bengals. Honestly speaking, the offensive identity of this team is even more questionable than it was when Canada was here.

Having two offensive playcallers—one with no prior offensive coordinator experience and the other with less success on his last team—may be a major contributing factor. On the other hand, Mike Tomlin was not overly blessed with alternatives. Regardless of the coordinator they use, this club still has the talent to be a productive offense. Therefore, the crucial query is: what is wrong with this unit?

All-Pro safety Minkah Fitzpatrick, I believe, provided the response to this query. There's a chance that this club lacks the right players, particularly offensively. the kind that is eager to contribute their labor in a way that will maximize the team's potential for success. This ship is packed with passengers, but there aren't enough willing volunteers to risk everything for everyone. It is easy to criticize the coaches, but the players must perform on the field if this offense is to produce results.

As a whole, the offense may not be as dynamic as we thought it would be after the preseason. Yet, they can be successful if everyone is on the same page. This may be easier said than done, but at this point, they don't have any other alternatives.

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