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OL David Moore - 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

This year's class of offensive linemen is arguably the deepest and most diverse group in the history of the NFL Draft. Among this talented is group is a hidden gem, one that was revealed during this Senior Bowl, as he received much attention of NFL scouts in attendance.

Grambling State's David Moore is not just your average prospect, he is one that should be considered among the top interior offensive line prospects in this year's class. With the COVID pandemic causing a disruption in the 2020 college football season, Moore opted to focus on this year's draft, instead returning for his senior year.

I had the opportunity to discuss with him about his decision to opt out, and find out more about this ambitious young man who aspires to make an impact at the next level.


Kelly - Grambling State is one of those programs that his historic in many ways. Though it is not part of a Power Five conference, its has a rich history of producing quality NFL talent. What made you choose Grambling State?

D.M - Coming out high school I didn’t know much about HBCU Schools so when the offensive coordinator from Grambling came on a home visit he explained some of the history of Grambling to me & the more he told me, the more interested I became I went on a visit and the rest was history.

Kelly - From what I read, you trained with hall of fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews. Tell me how that experience was like, and how did he help prepare you for Senior Bowl weekend?

D.M - It’s been a phenomenal experience being able to work with arguably the best lineman to play the game. He’s been a huge help from a technique standpoint to the mental side of the game.

Kelly - You are known for your versatility, capable of playing at center or guard. Which position do you believe is your greater strength?

D.M - That’s a tough question! I love the guard position, & but the more I continue to work at the center it's slowly working its way up ha-ha idk. I whatever position the team needs me.

Kelly - If you had the choice to play with an NFL team, which one would it be and why?

D.M - Who wouldn’t wanna come play for the Steel City. It kinda reminds me of Grambling when it comes to the history/prestige of the franchise.

Kelly - Describe your style of play in a few words.

D.M - Aggressive, Nasty ,Mauler!

Kelly - How difficult was the decision to opt out for the season, in order to prepare for the NFL Draft?

D.M - It was a very difficult decision, not being able to play my senior was hard, especially with it being my last year with the guys I came in with to not be able to finish the last ride with them was tough, but I was fortunate enough to have put myself and a good position to where I could take a chance on myself with how COVID affected my senior year having me to make a decision to opt out instead of playing in the spring.

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