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Najee Harris Listed As One of The Most "Overvalued" Players In The AFC

Despite posting back-to-back 1,000-yard rushing seasons, third-year running back Najee Harris continue to receive criticism from various sports analysts.

Staff writer Tyler Sullivan of CBS Sports released his latest list of the most overvalued players on each team in the AFC Conference. His definition of "overvalued" relates to a player that is relied on to fulfill a role but may not be capable of doing so in a manner that equates to overall team success.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sullivan listed running back Najee Harris as that player.

The basis for choosing Harris stems from issues with efficiency. Harris, according to Sullivan, has registered a high number of carries in his first two years with the Steelers. Yet, his production in relation to yards per carry has been less than desirable.

"Harris has seen a ton of work in his two years in the league. In 34 career regular-season games, he's logged 579 carries and 115 receptions, giving him a massive 694 touches overall. With that opportunity, the back hasn't been particularly efficient, averaging 3.9 yards per carry in his career and just 4.2 yards per touch."

Sullivan is not the first analyst to address concerns with Harris in this aspect. Last month, ESPN writer Bill Barnwell listed Harris as the Steelers biggest liability on offense due to his low ranking in yards per carry last season.

What should not be denied is his production. In addition to finishing with over 1,000 rushing yards, Harris led all Steelers offensive playmakers with 10 total touchdowns and finished fourth on the team with 41 receptions.


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