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Najee Harris Is Leading The Way For Rookie Running Backs

Eight games into his rookie season and running back Najee Harris has so far enjoyed incredible success.

During the Pittsburgh Steelers four-game winning streak, Harris has averaged 89 rushing yards while registering at least one touchdown in each game played during this streak. Despite playing behind a work-in-progress offensive line, Harris has shown with ability to consistently gain meaningful yards.

As it stands, Harris leads all rookie running backs in three categories: scrimmage yards, rushing yards, and touchdowns. All the while, he has helped reignite a run offense that had been anemic in previous seasons.

The Steelers have so far been the beneficiaries of Harris growth and production. With each game he plays, he continues to reveal a new dimension to his skillset. One can assume that his continuous production will inevitably earn him Offensive Rookie of The Year honors. Even if this is not the case, Harris proves with each carry that he can become the Steelers franchise running back for years to come.

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