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Is Jack Colletto The Steelers Hidden Gem?

Photo Credit: Abigail Dean/Pittsburgh Steelers

Winning the Paul Hornung Award in college football is no easy feat.

In 2022, Jack Colletto was arguably the most versatile player in the country while he was a redshirt senior with the Oregon State Beavers. He added 43 receiving yards to his 103 yards of rushes and six touchdowns that season. Colletto was a linebacker who made 27 tackles, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery on defense. That season and throughout his collegiate career, Colletto was a complete athlete, whether he was playing special teams, offense, or defense.

Colletto was waived by the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent during the preseason then signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers on August 29, 2023. Despite being on the practice squad much of the season, Colletto might have a few options this upcoming season to make the team.

To begin with, since Derek Watt in 2022, the Steelers have not had a real fullback. Although Connor Heyward can fill in at fullback, Colletto's size of 6'3 and 240 pounds makes him appear a better fit for the position. Furthermore, he might become a valued asset and have a chance to make the roster if he can play special teams as he did in college.

Colletto's jack-of-all-trades skillset makes him one of the most intriguing players not on the roster. Even if playing fullback is not an option, the Steelers could benefit from using his versatility in different areas. Considering the team's history of taking chances on undrafted free agents, fans should not be surprised if Colletto becomes the next one to make an impact.

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