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Interview: Georgia Southern Cornerback Kindle Vildor

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

By: Kelechi Anozie

When we think of the top-tier cornerbacks in college football, Georgia Southern's Kindle Vildor is a name that should always be in the discussion.

Last season with Georgia Southern, Vildor was highest-rated cornerback in the Sun Belt conference, according to Pro Football Focus. His level of play earned him notable designations such as second-team All-American by Pro Football Focus, Sun Belt Conference First Team, and Sun Belt Player of the Year by Pro Football Focus.

Coming into his senior year, we caught up with Vildor, to find out his personal and team goals this upcoming season, as well as his NFL aspirations.

Heading into this season, what are your personal goals and team goals?

Vildor: Some personal goals are just to just stay consistent and keep putting great things on film for people to see. As a team we really need that conference title.

There are those that may downgrade your performance last season, solely based on the conference in which you play. My question, do you believe that you're getting the respect you deserve?

Vildor: I feel like a lot of people out there respect me. People turn on the Clemson film and see what type of player I am against the national champs and how I performed. But even with that I still have a lot more to improve on and want to continue to grow.

Do you believe that you are among the best in the nation at your position?

Vildor: Definitely I do. I pride myself on being a technician on the field and in the film room. The amount of work I put in on my craft and that eager to always want to learn more puts me at the top with whoever in the country.

Who do you consider your mentor throughout this entire process?

Vildor: I have a few people in my corner that I communicate with often about the decisions I should make and how to handle everything that is going on.

Your team's first game of the season is against the nationally ranked LSU Tigers. How do you how do feel you stack up against them?

Vildor: It’s a good amount of time before that game kicks off and I feel like when the time comes, I will be feeling awesome and well prepared to go out and compete. With my skill set and the way I work on my craft, I feel as if I can stack up against anyone in the country.

Have you considered a possible future in the NFL after your senior year?

Vildor: Definitely, it’s something that I have dreamed of since I was a kid. I will continue to focus on the things that are important now and I know when the time comes the opportunity will be there.

Lastly, if you could describe your game to others, how would you describe it?

Vildor: My game is very smooth. When you turn on the tape I feel like I am very fluid and explosive in and out of breaks. I’m able to stay square and play with good press man technique. I really thrive and take pride in those things.

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