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Improving The Run Offense Beyond Acquiring New Players

During Monday's pre-Draft press conference, much of the theme revolved the Pittsburgh Steelers plans for improving their run offense, that was unquestionably the worst in the NFL this past season.

At one point in the conference, head coach Mike Tomlin shared an interesting perspective on improving this aspect. After general manager Kevin Colbert's shared his idea of the running game being a 'collective effort', Tomlin followed this train of thought by asserting that improvement of their run would go "beyond the acquisition of new players". One of the areas he emphasized was schematics. Under former offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner, the Steelers run offense ranked near or at the bottom of the league:

  • 2018 - ranked 31st

  • 2019 - ranked 29th

  • 2020 - ranked 32nd

Even with the inevitable addition of a new starting running back and offensive linemen through this year's NFL Draft, Tomlin comments suggested a greater emphasis on schematics. Under new offensive coordinator Matt Canada, many should expect a more dynamic and creative approach to enhancing their run offense. Whether they choose to select a running back in the first round or not, the building blocks to a better run offense will certainly be long but rewarding process.

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