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Kevin Colbert Is Taking An Open-Minded Approach At This Year's Combine

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert took the podium this afternoon on the first day of this year's NFL Combine event in Indianapolis.

With expectations of finding their future franchise quarterback, Colbert's response left room for interpretation. Instead of focusing on a singular position, Colbert talked about viewing the full spectrum of positions to determine their potential first round pick and beyond.

When asked about the quarterbacks in this year's draft class, Colbert was complimentary and expressed his belief that this year's group has future NFL starters.

Colbert made it clear that his open approach would not be relegated to just this year's NFL Draft in finding their next franchise quarterback. Free agency, trades, and their two quarterbacks on the roster, Mason Rudolph and Dwayne Haskins, are all avenues they plan to explore during their process of finding the right one to lead their team.

“Again, we’ll look at every avenue. But we’re not going to deem a guy a franchise quarterback. They have to do that after they join your team. And hopefully, we make the right decisions for a player who can help us win a Super Bowl down the road.”

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