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George Pickens Reveals The Reason For His Frustrations

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver George Pickens has drawn lots of negative attention this week.

Being the subject of criticism due to a viral picture of him on the bench during the Steelers contest against the New England Patriots, Pickens revealed that the source of his frustration came from losing consecutive games to 2-10 teams.

"It ain't really fun losing," he told reporters. I don’t really know what reaction you guys would expect. If you lose at a video game. If you lose at anything you participate in, you are going to be mad. That’s the biggest component of it.”

This week, head coach Mike Tomlin focused a lot of his speech on accountability. Pickens discussed using game footage to assess oneself and attempting to be transparent. He also understands that he is only in control of what he can influence at the same moment.

“After the game, watching film, I see what plays I could’ve gotten the ball on, see if people had pressure, things like that. But me, personally, I can only try to get open.”

As arguably the team's most dynamic player, Pickens takes pride in making plays. His decrease in targets in an understandable source of frustration, as he has been one of the most productive players on offense this season. As the team heads into a crucial game this weekend against the Indianapolis Colts, they will certainly need his playmaking abilities to help revive their struggling offense.

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