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Eric Rowe Was An Unsung Hero In Yesterday's Win

Photo credit: Karl Roser

Less than a month ago, veteran cornerback Eric Rowe was signed to the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad. What he likely did not expect was to be an instant contributor in a pivotal game with playoff implications.

The Steelers headed into yesterday's contest with a depleted safety unit, which featured veteran Patrick Peterson making his official debut at the position. In the case of Rowe, he responded with a strong performance, one that included an interception that would eventually turn into a touchdown, giving the Steelers a three-score lead before halftime.

Rowe's last NFL appearance came in January with the Miami Dolphins during the wild-card playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills.

With two games remaining, Rowe will undoubtedly be a key factor in the team's final push into the playoffs. As he showed yesterday, he is more than ready to take on the responsibility of helping the team win if necessary. 

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