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Could Porter Jr. See More Snaps Against the Browns?

Photo: Abigail Dean/Pittsburgh Steelers

For rookie cornerback Joey Porter Jr., it is a matter of patience and time.

One thing is certain: his patience was tested in the Steelers Week 1 loss to the 49ers, in which he played just seven snaps.

Oddly enough, a cornerback of Porter Jr.'s ilk would have been necessary to handle receivers such as Brandon Aiyuk, who was having his way with veteran cornerbacks Patrick Peterson and Levi Wallace.

As one of the top press cornerbacks available in this year's draft, Porter Jr. could be called up to put pressure on Cleveland Browns receivers, such as Pro-Bowl receiver Amari Cooper.

Perhaps a reason for his few snaps stems from his tackling issues, which were revealed during training camp. If the Browns choose to focus on the run against the Steelers defense, there is a real chance Porter Jr. may see a few snaps again, as situationally, it may be conducive to his skill set.

If more opportunities present themselves, fans may get to see if Porter Jr. is as good as advertised.

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