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Colbert And Tomlin's Quarterback Process Leading Into The 2022 NFL Draft

It has been a busy and productive offseason for Kevin Colbert in his final year as the Pittsburgh Steelers' full-time general manager.

Alongside head coach Mike Tomlin, Colbert detailed their process leading up to this week's NFL Draft in their afternoon press conference.

We're just at the tail end of our preparation", he told the press in attendance. "We got obviously three more days to tie up whatever loose ends are left. We'll be concluding our meetings tomorrow morning, and then get into what we determine to be our mock draft situations.


On The Quarterback Process

When asked about the quarterback position and the potential effect Dwayne Haskins's tragic passing would have on their decision to take one early in this year's draft, Tomlin made it clear that their priority was centered around paying Haskins his proper tribute.

"In regards to Dwayne, our energies have been on paying proper respect and support in his family. We haven't approached it from a business decision or business decision-making standpoint. We just feel like that's appropriate mindset to have as we sit here today.

to have as we sit here today".

Even with this, their process of evaluating quarterbacks this offseason has been an extensive one, as they revealed, having watched every quarterback at the top of this draft live in games multiple times. In addition to the meetings and visits at the NFL Combine and Pro Days, both have left little stones unturned. 

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