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Breech Predicts Steelers Upset in Week 1

After a strong showing in the preseason and an injury-free roster, the Steelers come into Week 1 with momentum against the San Francisco 49ers. So much so, many are predicting them to take down the 49ers to begin the season.

NFL analyst John Breech of CBS Sports is one such person who has predicted the Steelers pulling off the big upset at home.

In addition to having to travel halfway across the country to play in Pittsburgh, Breech believes that the Steelers have the type of team this season that matches up well with them, more specifically in the trenches. He made note of the fact that the 49ers were vulnerable on their offensive line and the Steelers' defensive line could take advantage. Their vulnerabilities could affect starting quarterback Brock Purdy, who came back a few months ago from elbow surgery.

"The last time we saw the 49ers offensive line, they were getting decimated in the NFC title game against the Eagles. The 49ers got beat up so bad that they ran out of quarterbacks. I'm not saying that's going to happen on Sunday, but I will say that T.J. Watt is the last guy I would want to face if I were just six months removed from major elbow surgery. If Brock Purdy gets drilled a few times by the Steelers defense, he could start to lose faith in his line, which could cause his confidence to take a hit."

In the last two seasons, the Steelers have made Week 1 upsets a tradition. In 2021, they beat the Buffalo Bills at home by a score of 23-16. One year later, they stunned the Cincinnati Bengals at home in overtime, 23-20.

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