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Availability Will Play A Factor In McFarland Jr. Becoming RB3

With news of UDFA running back Alfonzo Graham's season-ending injury, the landscape at RB3 has become even more clear.

This past week, fourth-year running back Anthony McFarland Jr. performed at such a high level that he was arguably the Pittsburgh Steelers top performer during the first week of training camp. With Graham no longer in the picture this season, the only competition standing in his way is free agent rookie Darius Hagans, Jason Huntley, and perhaps a new running back if the team chooses to sign one.

The other potential obstacle could be health, as the team prepares to put on the pads on Tuesday. To solidify his spot, McFarland Jr. will need to continue playing at the same high level while staying healthy enough throughout the preseason.

Even if they decide to sign a new running back, he will likely have a difficult time unseating McFarland Jr., who has so far shown that he is ready to take the next step in his NFL career.

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